Uninterrupted Power Supply – UPS

All types of UPS are available covering maximum applications and backup time requirements (300VA to 300kVA). Ongoing power crisis has enhanced the value of UPS manifolds in our everyday life. Since it is a new technology for the common man so needs a very careful approach to selection. We are offering imported UPS from Europe and China. Our range UPS has all the relevant international certifications to ensure you quality and reliability. 

We are also at your disposal for extending customized solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Offline UPS Home UPS Rack Mounted UPS Online UPS Modular Redundant UPS
It is designed for PC  users and suitable for PC peripherals or POS and will become an attractive equipment in the office   Home UPS is specially designed for household appliances. It adopts the latest technology controlled by digital microprocessor and digital inverting technology. Its output is pure sine wave with two switching modes: UPS mode and inverter mode. It has perfect protection and compatibility with wide input voltage range and settable large current charger. Rack-mount UPS are designed for PCs, workstations, small servers, POS systems, telecom exchanges  and critical electronic devices. UPS is large power and true on–line UPS with range from 6KVA to 300KVA, which adopts advanced digital design, high speed 16–bit chip, ASIC, DDC and large power IGBT&SCR, and shows large capacity, high stability and super performance compared with usual models on the market A modular parallel redundant UPS system. It has the independent power and control sections. Modular design ensures flexible options for expansion. redundant UPS technology allow users to scale their power capacity and provide load with N+1 to N+X levels of protection. Great power density ensures a small footprint and low heat dissipation. Rich management and communication functions ensures a user- and environment-friendly system
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