Inverters, Hybrid Solar Inverter & Grid Tie Solar Inverter


Inverter: It converts DC power into AC electricity. Inverters offer two basic output designs, Pure Sine Wave and Modified Sine Wave. We extend the latest inverters not only with both output designs but also different wattage and input voltage capacities with the latest features to exceed your expectations.

Solar Hybrid Inverters:

The basic purpose of a hybrid solar inverter is to convert the DC input from a solar panel into an AC output that can be used by the home. The ability to use hybrid solar inverters takes this process to a new level and includes the following benefits.

  • Bidirectional DC to AC power conversion: Typically, solar cells are charged by either DC power received directly from the solar panels (DC coupling), or DC power converted from AC power by the solar inverter (AC coupling). Then in order to release this power, the inverter needs to convert the stored DC power to AC power. With a hybrid inverter and battery, one device can fulfill both roles. A hybrid grid-connected inverter can convert DC to AC to power your home, but it can also take AC power from the grid and convert it to DC to be stored in a battery for later use.
  • Power Regulation: Depending on the time of day and weather patterns, solar power fluctuates as sunlight levels increase and decrease. The hybrid inverter regulates this power to ensure that the entire system operates within the desired parameters.
  • Power monitoring: Solar hybrid grid-connected inverters can be fitted with solar monitoring software to measure and monitor your PV system via a display or connected smartphone app to help identify any faults.
  • Power maximization: A hybrid inverter with a maximum power point tracker (MPPT) checks your solar power output and correlates it with the voltage of the batteries. This allows for optimal power output and converts DC power to the optimal voltage for maximum battery charging. MPPT ensures that your solar power system works efficiently under any conditions, such as varying amounts of solar light, solar panel temperature and electrical loads.

Solar Grid Tie Inverters:

It is an electronic component used to harness solar energy by solar panel systems. A GTI or grid-tied inverter is connected to solar panels for converting direct current (DC) generated by solar panels into alternating current (AC). A grid system works without batteries and grid-tied inverters can be used for solar panels, wind turbines, and hydroelectric plants.

Grid-tied inverters can suitably convert current for power grid frequency from 60Hz-50 Hz commonly used for local electrical generators. A GTI takes a variable unregulated voltage from a solar panel array to invert it to AC synchronized with the mains. But when the grid is down a GTI should automatically stop the electric supply to power lines.

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