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Solar Panels

Brief on Solar Panels Technologies We deal in most popular and widely used crystalline solar panels. However brief on all technologies are given for your reference and study. Crystalline Silicon:  Crystalline silicon is still the mainstay of most PV panels. Although in some technical parameters it is not the ideal material for solar cells, it …

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Inverters, Hybrid Solar Inverter & Grid Tie Solar Inverter

  Inverter: It converts DC power into AC electricity. Inverters offer two basic output designs, Pure Sine Wave and Modified Sine Wave. We extend the latest inverters not only with both output designs but also different wattage and input voltage capacities with the latest features to exceed your expectations. Solar Hybrid Inverters: The basic purpose …

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Electroplating Rectifiers System

As the source of the requirement for progress and innovation, electricity flows through the lifeline of industry and technology. We offer world-leading power supplies for electroplating and surface finishing applications. Our first class direct current and pulse reverse power supplies precisely calibrated meet R&D departments and general industry requirements.  We are not only offering standard …

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Telecom Rectifier System

Our DC power systems are designed to meet the requirements of telecommunications applications requiring high reliability and optimum performance with easy expansion by way of hot-pluggable modular rectifiers. They are the ideal solution for powering telecommunications and data networks requiring 24V, 48V or 60V DC. We offer a range of solutions for applications from small …

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Industrial Batteries – Types of Industrial Secondary Batteries

A battery is a device that stores energy and produces electricity by means of chemical action. We deal in all types of Industrial batteries for various power applications. Our product range covers the following technologies. Our battery range covers maximum voltage and amperage requirements Lead Acid Batteries Vented/Flooded Flat Plate Tubular Plate Plante Plate Sealed …

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Solar Charge Controllers

We offer all types of solar charge controllers having various input and output capacities. Brief on solar charge controller and the latest prevailing technologies is hereunder:  The Charge Controller / Solar Regulator regulates the current from the solar panels to prevent the batteries from overcharging. Overcharging causes gassing and loss of electrolyte resulting in damage …

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